Introduction to Express Generator — Build web apps with NodeJS

Hello guys, this blog post will cover following things:

  • Introduction to express-generator
  • Installing express-generator
  • Creating project using express-generator
  • Run Project

Ok, so lets get start with it…


Introduction to express-generator

Express-generator is the tool to which builds application skeleton very quickly for you.

It’ll install the express CLI for you.


Installing express-generator

You can get express-generator from npm site and install in your system using one simple command:

npm install -g express-generator

It’ll take couple of minutes of time to install…

Once this done we’ll create our project using express command.

Creating project using express-generator

Now that we’ve installed express-generator, we can use express command to create our very first nodejs project using express-generator. 🙂

Run following command to create project:

express <project-name>

Here, <project-name> is the project and directory name of your choice… like express express-example.

This will create all the necessary files for your project:



Great….now let’s run our project…


Run Project

Before running the project we have to install our dependencies. For that cd into the project directory

cd express-example

and install dependencies

npm install

This usually takes couple of minutes…till then you can review the project directory ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

Once that is done run npm start… Now your project is up and running on 3000 port.

So if you go http://localhost:3000 you can see the express landing page.


Same thing I’ve explain in the video with changing routes and variable values here: