ReactJS — Know Before Start (Beginner)

Hello guys, here’s something I would like to share something before you start ReactJS.

I went through many posts and articles to find out what’s ReactJS exactly and how it can fit in my application. After long time, I came up with this blog post.

What is React?
React is just a component. YES. just a component. Its not a framework. If you’re thinking there’s a comparison between React and Angular then you are stupid. There’s no comparison between React and Angular.

Angular is the complete framework including View Library, React is just a view component.

React will provide you a template language and some functions so that you can render HTML easily. All React gives is HTML.

You obviously cannot build a whole functional application using only React.

Let’s discuss PROS and CONS of React.

1. By looking one source file you can tell how your component will render.
2. JSX: Building Javascript and HTML into JSX makes components easily understandable.
3. You can render React on the Server.

1. its own docs are not good at all (Does not makes any sense to me)
2. React is only view layer


As per my experience one should not use React for application which doesn’t have very much data updating dynamically. If you use in this scenario then you would be ending up implementing a lot of code for very small benefit…